Our Services

  • Audio transcriptions

    Conversion of audio files into a text document either in the original language or translated to Spanish.

  • Certified translation

    Translation of legal texts that require the signature of a certified translator to guarantee the accuracy of the translation in the target language. It is often needed for contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, school transcripts and college degrees, just to mention a few.

  • Interpreting

    English-Spanish- English interpretation in real time for a negotiation, presentation, or a conversation.

  • Subtitles

    Subtitles for audiovisual material when needed. We subtitle from English and French to Spanish, Spanish to English, or just Spanish.

  • Translation

    General text translation from Spanish into English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and French, and vice versa. It could be a web page, a leaflet, a product presentation, an advertising campaign, a letter or recommendation, scripts, reports, a lecture, a dissertation.

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About us

Schwa Translations was created in 2016 as a result of Andrea’s desire to name the translation business project she had envisioned. The idea of naming the project with a name other than her own was rooted in having the possibility to make the company grow without shedding the spotlight on herself.

“Schwa” is the shortest and most common sound that exists in the English language, but for us, Schwa is an entity in and of itself where the importance is placed on the quality of the final result regardless of who participated in the project. Each and every one of the translators that make up a part of Schwa, either actively or sporadically, are translators that love what they do every day and do their best job to produce faithful and precise translations of the texts they are working on.

In 2023, after a series of unfortunate events (an earthquake that shook Mexico City while they were classmates at the ENALLT UNAM and a pandemic that brought the world to a halt) and other more fortunate events and a series of successful collaborations, Quetzal decides to join this project to help improve and expand it.

About the translators

Andrea Rodríguez

Translator and project manager, Communication major specialized in Corporate Communication and Advertising. Andrea Rodríguez holds a degree in Specialized Translation of Social Sciences texts from ENALLT-UNAM. Court certified translator for the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Yucatán, Mexico. Member of the American Translators Association, ATA.

Quetzal Del Real

Quetzal has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of California. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a professor, translator, and project manager. She obtained certificates in English Language Teaching and Specialized Translation of Social Science texts. In 2017 she met Andrea Rodriguez in their translation program at ENALLT-UNAM in Mexico City. After working as a translator for Schwa Translations in multiple projects over the last couple of years, in 2023 she joins the company as a partner.

Client Reviews

  • En Kreamos trabajamos con clientes que requieren la adaptación de materiales del inglés al español y en algunos casos al revés, durante bastante tiempo estuvimos trabajando con diversos proveedores, finalmente encontramos en Schwa empatía, profesionalismo pero sobre todo construimos confianza, la cuál no se ha visto defraudada. Es el valor más alto que hace duraderas las relaciones de negocios.

    Christian Nuncio, director creativo de Kreamos
  • I could not have been happier! Andrea is a great person, very communicative, driven to find the best solutions and achieve the highest quality possible. It was great fun to work with her! The translation job was a big challenge: very specific content with little context, 8 translators for 8 languages in 8 days at the same time, group discussions, direct communication, joint deadline and daily goal setting. Andrea played a major role in this setup and was key to make this project a success. Thank you very much!!! Looking forward to working with you again!

    Lennart Berkey, Weeffect, Stratact GmbH
  • Lo más importante, excelente calidad en la traducción, súper profesional, excelente ortografía y redacción. En nuestro caso, al ser empresa que solicitó traducciones de más de 30 – 40 – 50 páginas, nos indicaron un período de 28 a 35 días y algunos documentos se nos entregaron antes de los 28 días y los demás cumpliendo el periodo mencionado. Los recomiendo mucho. Muy buen servicio.

    Kathya Gamboa – AmeriJet
  • I could not have chosen a better translator! Andrea is very prompt, very thorough and a great communicator. She provided great quality and was a true pleasure to work with. Her sense of humor makes any challenging job easier to work through. She is driven and goal oriented and I admire that. Her turnaround time was impressive and the end result was amazing. I will be using her again and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a prompt and thorough translator. You will not be disappointed.

    Patricia Baronowsy – Pristine Advisers